Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mother of Columbine Shooter Can Not Comprehend Son

Like anyone can? I watched this and the only thing I can think of is that there is not one person speaking that I do not feel sorry for. I remember that day clearly. I was working for a collection agency in Richmond, B.C. at the time. #4 Road. I remember making a crack to my boss Derek Daniels if we are going to celebrate Hitler's birthday. I feel a bit bad now making that joke even if I knew nothing at the time. For those who do not remember, the two young men who decided to massacre their high school intentionally picked Hitler's Birthday. With a role model like that, who needs bad influences?

Usually the moment I get to the bus stop I turn on my personal radio and listen to the news on the Giant 98. (CKNW). Then the horror started to unfold in my mind's eye. I remember that Sunday (St. Augustine's) Fr. John Brioux at church saying that one of the unfortunate victims was asked if she believed in Jesus and she said yes and she was shot for what was determined as an inappropriate response. That made her a martyr Fr. John continued. This was a horrible incident that I think is worth revisiting ten years after the fact. It's bad enough to know this happened. It's worse to see people who have lived with that for the last ten years.


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