Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Mean The Sports World Does Not Revolve Around Manny?

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It is 7 AM Manila time Tuesday morning. Yahoo sports shows no evidence on their headline page that the Cotto Manny fight ever happened. Go to the boxing page it is there of course. Boxing is not what it once was. Other sports have eclipsed it for attention. But it holds its place here because it means perceived attention for those who crave it. So while the Philippines will bask in the afterglow for another three months, the sports world has moved on. Bill Belichick's 4th down play is talked about. Iverson has decided to fly the coup. NASCAR has a championship. The college bowl picture is starting to shape up. Speculation on who will replace Charlie Weis, never mind that he is not actually fired.

If I am speaking Greek right now because this is Sports Talk. Something I always enjoyed. In places where the outcome of a Manny bout does not define their self esteem, the results fade from relevancy very quickly.

My point is there is a difference between sports fans and those just craving for some sort of international attention. Over here , the grocery stops with the workers looking at the TV when fight is on. I should have shoplifted some cookies. My grandmother is curious about result. She says she hates sports so this thing transcends it. In other words: bandwagon jumping.

Bottom line: You have nothing to do with Manny's victory. He will not share his money with you. The sports world 32 hours after it happened does not care.

The sports world has moved on. Not in the Philippines.



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