Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fort Hood Twisted Logic BHO Being The Usual Hypocrite

To my readers who I am lucky to have, If you are not comfortable with me discussing life and death issues, from my point of view you can close this browser window now.

a) The President's hypocritical sympathy

Left leaning CNN somehow adds what is for me a hollow editorial in a lead news piece.

"Private Francheska Velez, daughter of a father from Colombia and a Puerto Rican mother, had recently served in Korea and in Iraq, and was pursuing a career in the Army. When she was killed, she was pregnant with her first child, and was excited about becoming a mother." -
BHO at the Fort Hood Memorial Service.

Listen to the audio provided in Multiply. (its only 45 seconds)

My opinion: you can't have it both ways. Conclude that its really tragic if a pregnant woman dies and then enthusiastically support a pregnant woman to terminate that life that is residing within her and call that choice. Nobody gives a crap about the choice of the baby that is temporarily in the womb , as vulnerable as its ever going to be.

I personally think I love babies. Whether you believe that about me or not is up to you. George Bernard Shaw famously said “Animals are my friends, and I don't eat my friends”. Well, babies are my friends and I don't see them as "choice". Life is life, death is death.

Once again Obama and CNN will single out a victim because she is pregnant yet the life inside in a different context is seen as a consequence of choice and not a victim. Hypocrite. Two faced. In other words typical smooth talkin used car salesman politician.

b) The Web Cuts Both Ways

We all love the web. I really doubt you would be reading me now if it were not the Internet. Anything useful can be abused. The Internet is just a tool that many people use to get their point across. People like me. People like Anwar al-Awlaki. I know what some of you are thinking. That we are exactly alike. But I jest. I bet 90% of my readers had no idea who he was till last weekend.

He is a radical al Qaeda Preacher/ recruiter according to my sources. He endorses the Fort Hood incident and I rather you watch the news video I included and do your own research into the matter.

I won't bother looking up this guy's website since I am sure lots of imitators have sprung up by now.


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