Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just In Case One Dose of Stupidity Was Not Enough

I give you another dose.

The show is called Get A Life. It seems to be they get a stupid premise and then pile on all the stupidity and absurdity that can fit in a half hour sitcom.

In case you missed it, the first installment was here.

This episode finds Chris again with a beautiful woman (Emma Samms) and a bizarre stalking triangle ensues. The other woman is the wife of the late John Ritter. I have no idea how their agents were talked into going on this show but I am glad they are here. Maybe it had to do with the fact no one would be watching.


  Show 30 - Girlfriend 2000  Jan 12 1992
After being hit by her car, Chris becomes madly obsessed with a woman
scientist named Tricia Paddington. He decides to start stalking her
until she goes out with him. Meanwhile, another woman stalks Chris


"The misadventures of a 30-year-old paper-boy (played by Late Night alum Chris Elliot) and his wacky parents. Such show topics included the eating of a space alien, a robotic paper-boy and numerous beheadings. Get a Life was also one of the first television shows that featured the killing of the star of the show. " Written by Daniel Davis {}

The greatest Anti-Sitcom ever!, February 22, 2005
By Liberty Meadows "AG" (California)

It's safe to say that without Chris Elliott's GET A LIFE, we probably would never have seen the success of the Farrelly Brothers or ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. GET A LIFE set new frontiers in TV comedy by taking the standard sitcom format and turning it on its head.

The premise was simple: a 30-year-old paperboy still lived at home with his rather less-than-concerned parents (played by Elinor Donahue and Chris' real-life father, Bob Elliott) who tolerated him as best they could while he got into one mess after another.

But this was no LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. Whereas most sitcoms would take such a premise and turn it into a formulaic, feel-good giggle-fest, GET A LIFE dared to make its lead character into a bizarre man-child who could never see how truly ridiculous his inane behavior was to others. He lived in his own self-contained world where he was the coolest and hippest guy on the planet. What saved the character from being either a creep or the butt of everyone's joke was his underlying naivete and childlike innocence, which, in the end, was often enough to help him (barely) triumph over the evil forces in his neighborhood.

Embodied perfectly by Chris Elliott, the indestructible "Chris Peterson" was a brilliant sitcom creation who managed to last two seasons on Fox. But that was only half the story. The other great thing about GET A LIFE was how the series took standard-issue sitcom plots and twisted them into deranged new forms. This was like the TWIN PEAKS of sitcoms in the way it constantly challenged the boundaries of both good taste and common sense in order to get a reaction from its stunned audience. The humor ran the gamut from low-brow to madcap to surreal. In the 2nd Season, almost every episode ended with Chris getting killed.

The GET A LIFE VOL. 1 DVD collects four great episodes from the first season, including the hysterical "The Prettiest Week of My Life," in which Chris trains to be a runway model. One of the funniest bits is a takeoff on the infamous Irene Cara scene from FAME.

It's a shame that Rhino never got around to releasing the entire series on DVD, but at least the 8 episodes available on VOL. 1 and 2 are enough to give viewers a sizable appreciation of this short-lived but memorably off-beat sitcom.

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