Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vanity talk Audio Blog

Michelle Beadle of Sports Nation

Does anybody really think I came up with this pose myself?

Colin and Michelle of Sportsnation discuss Vanity .

The reason why I post a lot of Colin because he talks about stuff I relate to and maybe you can too. If the topic sounds familiar , its because I discussed it previously. The blog's most loyal reader has said many times, that I can have an entire humongous photo album and not one picture of me. I am rarely a point the camera at myself kind of person unless I am with people or for some weird reason , when I am posing with books. Hope you take the time to listen to Colin, Fish and Michelle discuss vanity.

Vanity is such a waste of time. I can understand if deep inside a person thinks they are hot crap but to leave everyone outside with no doubt about their inner feelings is a bit beyond me. For those of you reading me for the first time let me discuss a few anecdotes from my office:

a) someone who always excuses herself and it is documented that the time is spent looking at the mirror.

b) someone who put herself on the screen saver of her office PC and it was always seen. Yet somehow she was supposed to get work done. Like a) except uses a desktop instead of a mirror.

c) another office mate when shown group pictures says " WOW! Ang Ganda Ako" ( Look how drop dead irresistibly gorgeous I am!"

Maybe some moron guys find that a turn on but for me shallowness and selfishness are absolute turnoffs. My blog, my opinion.Then again, maybe I am bitter cause I am hideous.








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