Sunday, November 8, 2009

Musical Tribute to Theo Epstein

What better post the week the Yankees win the Series than a post about one of
the more comical episodes in Boston Red Sox Red Sox history. Don't worry if you don't know anything about baseball. This is amusing no matter what. It could happen in your office , if your company garnered as much press attention as the
Boston Red Sox. Plus I doubt many of you have heard this song and it's catchy.

For the story it's here (click) .


" and he was the Boston Red Sox's general manager until Halloween last year, when he walked away from the team's offices in a King Kong costume. "

Theo Epstein Avoids News Media by Wearing a Gorilla Suit

Theo Epstein pulled a Halloween stunt to avoid the media camped at Fenway Park. According to several reports, he put on a gorilla costume before leaving the ballpark.

Because Monday was Halloween, no one thought that a person in a gorilla suit was unusual. He had announced his resignation earlier that day.

Reporters will have a chance today to ask him questions when he holds a news conference.

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