Friday, November 6, 2009

My Thoughts On The NYY and their Manifest Destiny

I want to thank my long time Cincinnati Reds group mate and facebook contact Judy Rivas for asking my thoughts on this . Like my thoughts really mattered.

My thoughts on the NYY victory

The state of baseball? I really love the game but can not stand the culture the Yankees and their fans seem to think reflect the whole game. The Yankees and their "Manifest Destiny" with as much humility as there are brain cells among the Wowwowee studio audience.

a) NYY fans are the kind of people who hold pep rallies for the hot knife one hour before the hot knife goes against it's worthy opponent: Butter.

b) Philly on the other hand did not pitch outside of guys like Lee , Madson and Eyre. If pitching is the essence of the post season, big advantage New York.

c) The crackdown on steroids actually benefited the Yankees. A few years ago all these guys would parlay big steroid induced seasons to earn big money with the Yankees. Then by the time they got there, they would be broken down. Now with less roids in baseball (notice I said less not none), they are not as broken down during their peak Yankee seasons.

d) If the Yankees were gonna win in the A-Rod era, I rather have it now than any earlier year in his tenure. The old A-Rod thinking he is the straw that stirs the drink would be about 13 times more unbearable than what I am witnessing now.

e) Sense of relief concept introduced by Scott van Pelt I find extremely fascinating (Nov 5) .Getting to Zero. Alcoholic. His concept not mine. Listen to it on ESPN.

f) John Sterling is a weenie . Is there anybody out there who is more of a polar opposite than Vin Scully? Yes America has a cultural equivalent of Willie Revillame and his name is John Sterling.

g) As much as I loathe the Yankees I can't say a bad thing about Jeter, Posada, Rivera and Andy 'Misremembered' Petite.

h) When the Yankees closed down the Grand Old Yankee Stadium (2009) , the PR department for some reason excluded all evidence from the retrospective video of the manager who lead these guys to the last four World Series wins. It takes a really classless organization to disgrace one of their own so much that even detesters like me come down in defense of him.

i) I hate this zombie sheep mentality that somehow has local Philippines ESPN only showing the Yankees during the regular season. Because they think all of us are complete morons. Then again they probably saw our politicians and our local 6 PM news and our noon time shows and maybe I won't blame them for assuming we are all morons. So in their eyes, we'd be perfect Yankee fans.


technical note: the day after the Series clincher, ESPN Radio did a great job covering the different angles of the Yankee backlash/ euphoria and the audio available on Multiply.

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