Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Steven and Jeff Two Crazy Guys


I don't have to tell you that I am addicted to podcasts. For the uninitiated, those are radio shows that can be found on line and listened to using your computer or MP 3 player. A show that I have been listening to since I discovered this wonderful medium is NFL Rants and Raves. By two guys named Jeff Ellis and Steven Miranda who reside in Pasedena California. Listen to them for a while and you get to know them to some extent. And it gets addicting. They talk about family and college and high school and movies and anything else people talk about. I will give you a taste of their ramblings. And TRUST me . It has nothing to do with football. You will be entertained. The audio is in the form of mp 3 attachment either below on the multiply post or click here.


1) Jeff and Steven on relationships. When you hear this clip you will hear then sing a bit of a song then reflect on deep thoughts. In fact thoughts I expressed in this old post. Their version probably makes more sense than Men are from Mars............

2) Jeff and Steven on the exact same topic I discussed in this Blog Entry.

3) Jeff and Steven on the Little Mermaid. If you ever wanted to hear a 44 year old man (Jeff) sing Part of Your World with gusto then have the conversation go down hill from there, well you are in the right place.

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