Sunday, May 10, 2009

Filipino Pride a photo essay

Warning: I rather you not be personally be consuming anything edible while reading this.

It was Saturday afternoon (May 9 ) around 3:40 PM . Was crossing Edsa (via Pasay Road) from Dusit to Petron on foot.

Pasay Road (right before Park Square)

I saw this guy maybe 28 years old. With a "searching " look to his face . I asked him more or less "may hinahanap kayo?" ( are you looking for something/ some place?) The spot you see below is where I saw him and where I approached him.

At least he gave me the courtesy of shaking me off. I don't mean literally but you can tell I am a baseball addict by using that phrase. Better explained by clicking here. The next thing I know, this guy is taking a leak/ taking a whizz/ relieving himself here. 

This is 3:40 PM in the afternoon. Broad daylight. In a very busy street in a nicer part of Manila. I have seen this happen way too many times and smelt the smell way too many times to believe this is the only time it had ever happened. This is an esteem issue. This is a pride issue. How people feel about their environment and their idea of presentation.

This guy had options . Maybe he was not as familiar with the area as I was but I did offer to help. There is a nice clean men's room in Park Square that would not have charged him a dime. But like many people , this guy chose the route of the short cut. Never mind that hundreds can see him answering the call of nature on a busy street. Never mind pedestrians for hours can enjoy the musty aroma of his gift to the pavement. This choice and this mentality relives (and relieves) itself many times over everyday in Makati, Quiapo and other places. And who cares about it? This is acceptable in this society as well as many other things. We should value our pride. There is more to national and civic pride than cheering for a guy in shorts to administer a concussion to his opponent.

Imagine that, he was in full view of any vehicle as you can see by the arrow.

It shows real pride in your community to go where this man went (arrow) . I doubt any cop would have done anything. How many of us would bat an eyelash? All that indifference defines "Filipino Pride".

Not every Filipino can box internationally or host a noon time variety show but sure as I am typing this , every Filipino can aspire to refrain from urinating in a public place. Imagine that: I have a dream that all Pinoys do not #1 in the street. Oh what utopia we will achieve.

We should be more aware of how are actions reverberate in our community. We should be considerate of our fellow humans who we share our space with. Pride and consideration are commodities we should not piss away.


Seems like everybody's shakin'
'Cause the big one's 'bout to fall
I'm just tryin' to hold it steady while I
Piss On The Wall

(J.Geils Band 1981)

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