Thursday, May 21, 2009

Public Transit Can Deprive You Of Your IQ

Public Transit Can Deprive You Of Your IQ

I had to do something today in another part of town today. A place where I rather not drive to and where parking is extremely limited. I decided to do the bus and the jeep combo. I walked from the office to where my old place of work was. The Philippine Stock Exchange. Caught a bus there. It was not crowded at all but they were playing this totally annoying song. It was at a volume so loud that I could not even hear Joy Russo, Barry Melrose and E.J. Hradek discuss the Red Wings vs. Blackhawks. That was what was playing on the Ipod at the time. And it was incomprehensible.

Saying that song was as dumb as a sack of hammers would be insulting the hammers. That may be my opinion but you may form your own since the video of this inane waste of audio frequency happens to be on youtube. Well, since the hockey podcast was not canceling out this drivel, I switched to listening to Journey Frontiers for the rest of my "journey" . The full spectrum was able to cancel out the audio poison. After one song I decided to go back to the hockey talk only to find out that idiotic song repeated. All this until I reached my transfer point. This song went on and on and on. When a Journey song would fade there would a result a gap of silence before the next song came on in my ear buds. Then that moronic picha pie song would re-invade my consciousness. Somewhere along the ride, a vendor entered the bus trying to sell cashews. If only he was selling IQ so I could replenish what I lost , and give some to the driver and the conductor. To prevent future brain cell depletion.

I think I will repent my sinful ways if this song on repeat is what awaits me in the afterlife.


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