Friday, May 15, 2009

The Curious Case of the Beverly Brothers vs The Bushwhackers

This is an incident that happened back in the early nineties. I can barely find any reference to it on line. Make no mistake this was front page material even in the legit newspaper in Vancouver. Working off memory this is what I can remember:

These two homosexual guys decided to celebrate their anniversary by watching a wrestling event. The WWF (World Wrestling Federation) as it was called at the time came to town and set up shop at the Pacific Coliseum. As you all know professional wrestling is all about spectacle and showmanship and not about competition.

The tag team match in question involved the Beverly Brothers vs.The Bushwhackers . I still remember the newspaper story explaining the Beverly Brothers as wrestlers that act in stereotypical gay way. Since I do not watch wrestling , this description does help in my comprehension of this event. One of the members of The Bushwhackers pointed to the Beverly Brothers and started chanting "F*ggot F&ggot!" Which of course got the crowd following suit. The couple celebrating their anniversary was hurt by this. If I recall they filed suit on the promoter of the event and the local venue. They also got front page news coverage on the Vancouver Sun.

Besides the fact that I only have the link below and my memories to go on is a but weird. What's also weird is I doubt this was the only time the WWF resorted to that kind of audience participation . If that's true then why was Vancouver the only place to be on record of complaining of such practice?

It's possible that Vancouver being at the extreme west of the continent was the first stop of the tour was the first and only place they tried this act out. This was eighteen years ago and hard to imagine this happening again unless The Iron Sheik made a comeback. I think he hails from Iran.


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