Friday, May 22, 2009

Speak Up Sonny - a recollection of an amusing tale.

This tale happened in the summer of 1988. We were going to watch the recently released Saving Private Ryan.

Saving Private Ryan Pictures, Images and Photos

But one of us got tied up. So we decided to go to a downtown bar and grill in downtown Vancouver. Very early in the process at the restaurant we saw this guy.

Vancouver had an NBA team at the time but it was not basketball season so I could only assume he was there for the so called Vancouver Indy race. So called because Vancouver did not believe it was Indianapolis but it had it's stop in the Indy circuit (open wheel) . Which was North America's most popular racing tour at the time.

Two years later NASCAR (stock cars) broke out of the shackles of being perceived as a southern sport and overtook the Indy circuit in popularity. But I digress.

Anyway it was the three of us in the restaurant:




I'd like to think the three of us were enjoying our dinner. With the exception of a sports grill what bar/ restaurant plays the corresponding sound to whatever is on the screen? Well not this one. On the videoscreen was this video.

But the music was loud. Not loud enough to drown out hope of a conversation but loud. Anyway looking at the video on the tv gave me a weird thought. I said to my companions in my bewildered teenager voice ( I was 32 at the time) "Mom, Dad .. I'm gay" Who am I ? Dough Boy.........

.........correctly answered in the context of the situation

Chastity Bono. (bio)

Anthony was more hard of hearing than your typical 32 year old and he did not hear Dough's answer properly. He heard "Anthony Boulton".

So what was Dough's

reward for getting the answer of my question right?
Anthony heaved at Dough the closest thing to him.

(big gap for some artificial dramatic effect).

So endeth the saga of the flying chicken wing.


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