Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

That was one of the iconic 80's catch phrases . Of course uttered by Hannibal Smith of the A Team as played by George Peppard (RIP) .

If you do not follow the NBA at all , then watch this amusing commercial that seems to have the Jim Henson (RIP) legacy all over it.

Otherwise you know by now the preordained NBA Final is only half right. I really have nothing against Lebron except for that flirtation with the New York Bricks. It's just that the appeal of sports (except wrestling) is that it is not scripted. Sometimes the results are academic. Sometimes they take strange twists. That's why we love sports as spectacle. The players do not even know the outcome.

Classic Ironic quote "I need a basketball in my hands" by the Lebron puppet. At around the :33 mark. Well there may well be one but the cameras will not be pointed at him next week.


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