Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Martin

Make a long story short . Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks told the mother of an opposing player that the entire team was composed of thugs. " Including your son". Read the gory details below. Plus the subsequent apology by Cuban from his own blog. This all happened the night before Mother's Day.

My opinion. If Cuban's statement was true, the refs and the league will handle it. Hate to break it to you but sports in it's highest level involves some physical contact. But dirty play is eventually dealt with.

You can not hold a family member of a player responsible for the "role" they play on the court anymore than you can hold the mother of Eric Bana responsible that he is the bad guy in the Star Trek movie. This may not be the best example but allow me to quote the great Dave 'Tiger' Williams formerly of the Canucks and Maple Leafs. " I knew my role, I fought or I was gone".

There is a division of labor in sports with literally millions willing to fill those spots. For every pretty glamor boy there are 4 or more role players whose job it is to the mean and uglies for the pretty boy to function. Cuban himself employs those type of players. That's the way it is and the way it's always been in competitive sport.


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