Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

I was reading this :

That in itself was not funny. Going all the way to the Vatican and lying to the Pope like some weasel.

But in the feedback there was this one :

What about illegal aliens? How much money is that going to cost us?
mossberg | 08.05.09 - 8:27 am | #

then there was this reply:

All this talk about illegal aliens and abortion is just nonsense. Nonsense, I tell ya.

Listen to me and listen good, ok? There is NO LIFE ON MARS. No little green men having babies. That's just crazy. Men don't have babies anyway. If they did we could get them some time off, but they don't, and there is no such thing as aliens. You people are crazy.

Now we are gonna get this bill through and we're gonna do it today. Aliens. Ha!

Joe Biden | 08.05.09 - 9:04 am | #


political footnote in case you don't know : Joe Biden is Robin to Obama's Batman. If Robin was completely clueless.

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