Monday, August 24, 2009

Discrimination Can Cut Both Ways

"How come NO ASIAN candidate was chosen for the Top 15 in the Miss Universe Pageant? Could it be that Donald Trump HATES Asians?"
a quote on Twitter August 24, 2009.

That was from the Twitter of a friend of a mine. One thing about words and meaning is you don't need a lot to inspire a lot of writing and speculation elsewhere. What I am trying to say is those two questions are loaded. This is nothing personal but I feel I have to break down those two sentences. And any of you who have been long time readers will find yourself in familiar territory. First of all you only get 140 characters to say what you want in a single Twitter message but this is what I said in response. .

edrlopez@***** would you be asking that question if you were not Asian? What if no dark skinned in top15 would you question?

It really seems this person was slighted that Asians were included. As a mutual teacher of ours says " you have to come to your decisions with logic and not feelings". I am questioning perspective there. I would hazard to guess based on two sentences that my friend feels slighted that nobody from his or her race made it to the Top 15 so it speaks to the pride and self worth of that race. In this case the Asian race.

Another point that I am interpreting from those two sentences is the exclusion of asians is attributed to Donald Trump. He bought the rights and he paid the judges and told them not to pick Asians. I doubt that is a future Oliver Stone movie.

One thing about the notion of no asians in the Top 15. I can not verify that statement to save my life. I looked in the Miss Universe website and they do not even have the process. They don't say the Top 15 or even the runner ups or runners up however you say it. What kind of a competition is this? That does not record the winner's path to victory? I did a quick Google and I can see the score of every NFL playoff game from the 2003-04 season. But the official MIss Universe website just tells you the winner and the names of the representatives?

In the same class where I know my friend , our teacher had an exercise in the first class. Name your favorite book and why. Text books, religious books and technical manuals excluded. I forgot which one said it since everybody was new to me at the time. But someone said Little Prince which is a great answer.
The classmate went on to say because it's a book that stresses what is on the inside is what really matters. In case you were wondering what book I picked , it's this. Something tells me that the Miss Universe competition was not created and sustained with the ideals of the Little Prince in mind. Miss Universe is an exhibition and that's all it is. Why someone can bent out of shape over the racial composition of the final fifteen is beyond me? Besides a practice that inspires this creepy practice and behavior is truly something I can not get behind.

Somebody explain to me how this can be a competition? Dan Wetzel explains why it is not? How exactly do you compete? By how gingerly you wave? God gave us all a face. Some more blessed than others so I don't know why there is so much emphasis on this? Besides anybody know or care who Miss Universe 2006 was? I don't. But I am sure we can go back thirty years and I can tell you at least 2 out of 4 the winners of a) Stanley Cup b) Super Bowl c) NBA Final d) World Series.

Wow, two sentences and we can surmise concepts like racism, bribery, completion, self worth, shallowness and conspiracy theories. Sometimes two sentences can speak like an entire book. Does not necessarily mean the book will be something I will genuflect to though.


 (Olympics judging)

August 24, 2009.

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djblah said...

i don't like pageants as well. they're all just pretty girls with really fake answers. everything is just staged.