Sunday, August 30, 2009

Online Chat With My Niece

This is me being demented. Whenever you see the smiley it was really yahoos graphic of ROTFL!. (rolling on the floor laughing) . She kept using it.

innagadda54: why are you up so late?
innagadda54: oh yeah
innagadda54: I am the only one with school tommorrow
dani :
innagadda54: actually
innagadda54: I forgot about that
innagadda54: until I typed my first line
innagadda54: you know by now the attitude of T.Gogs
innagadda54: If I have a problem
innagadda54: then EVERYBODY has the same problem
dani :
innagadda54: let me tell you this funny classic quote from a show called Family Ties
innagadda54: it was on before you were born
innagadda54: If its important to you then it's important to me
innagadda54: and it's important to me, it's important to the whole world!
dani : okay ,........
innagadda54: you use that sometime
innagadda54: I guarantee you will shock some people
dani : )
innagadda54: I live for these moments
innagadda54: when I can pass down my wisdom to the younger generation
dani : cool

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