Thursday, August 27, 2009

If You Build It ..................... Part 3

In this scene we see Ray and Annie bask in the glory and the lunacy of their newly constructed ball field.

There is also some rarely shown fondness for his dad. Something that I think is key to the appreciation of the story. What I find great about this scene is his wife's acceptance of this crazy vision. Filipinos only relate to sports played indoors. So what I am about to explain is tough for most of them to relate. There are no team sporting venues quite as majestic as a baseball field. It has to be outdoors and on grass. I have played on softball fields, I have watched major league baseball and minor league baseball. There is nothing like it. I love football but there is something about a baseball field. .90 feet between the bases. 60 feet 6 inches from the mound to the plate. Nothing like it.



Oddly enough Costner was in a baseball movie the year before where his co star was also named Annie.

The studio built the baseball diamond on an actual farm in Dyersville, Iowa. After the filming was completed, the family owning the farm kept the field, and added a small hut where you could buy inexpensive souvenirs. As of 1990, visitors were free to come to the field and play baseball as they please.

Tom Hanks was originally offered the role of Ray Kinsella but turned it down.

Sheila McCarthy and Reba McEntire both auditioned for the part of Annie.

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