Monday, August 10, 2009

If You Build It ..................... Part 1

Field of Dreams seems to be a very polarizing movie.You loved it or you hated it. One of those you either get it or you don't. I really do not know if anyone who hated it got converted. For me the movie has always been about faith and magic. A cinematic Cats in the Cradle. A movie about sticking your neck out despite the ridicule. About seeing something through. About perspective. Notice I did not say anything about baseball or ghosts yet.

Working entirely off memory here. This movie probably came out May of 1989. And it was a movie if I recall, a lot of us siblings who were at Vancouver at the time saw with my mom in the Dunbar theater on a Sunday. The night before , Dennis Miller turned the movie into a skit to augment his Weekend Update segment in Saturday Night Live. What sticks out in my memory was that the skit only really makes sense if you had seen the movie (or the clips I will show in the series) . But it being a first run movie that was not a safe assumption. I could not find any evidence of this on the Web and if I had the VHS somewhere I would upload the video for that too.

One thing that did occur to me was I violated my own rule here. I did not read the book. I read one of Kinsella's other books and even that involved time travel and alternate realities. Well one more book for me to look out for. Shoeless Joe.

If you loved this movie, relive some scenes. If you did not try watching some of the scenes again. I will be showing them in parts. If you never saw the movie then watch the select clips that I will post over time till you are hooked enough to see the real thing. My opinion is that movie is magic.

This movie is so good I forgive Phil Alden Robinson for Sum of All Fears.


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