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The Tunnel Got A Bit Longer

But at least I still see light. My mole in my own office told me that the departure date of Maria Ophelia Ojeda (M.O.O.) [not her real name] is no longer on the 23rd of March 2009. That's why in life , never get too optimistic. That light at the end of the tunnel might be an oncoming truck. Of course I pressed on and asked for the new date . She did not know. For me March 23 was like Christmas. The Chipmunks once sang "Please Christmas Don't be Late". I feel like going to Maria- Ophelia and saying "How can I miss you if you don't leave?" . Last night I left the office around 7PM. And I had a short chat with one of our nice guards we are lucky to have in the building. Like I said in the previous post to think they are sympathetic to my plight would be looking at it through the wrong paradigm. This is OUR plight because they are just as annoyed as I am. That is because they have to spend so much time involuntarily listening to her pontificating because she is frequently downstairs filling her lungs with nicotine and blabbing up a storm. Remember what I said last post how they describe her? The one who walks around like she owns the place.

This is what's pathetic. The guard gave me the date of departure. March 31, 2009. Think about that. Our building is 8 floors with two or three offices in each floor. For some reason the guards know the departure date of someone who is technically not their office mate or their superior. What does that tell you?

Last post I showed you a letter I wrote my boss about Maria Ophelia Ojeda . The post before on this topic you saw the letter I wrote MOO when I had enough. The Moody Blues once sang "letters I've written, never meaning to send". From the song Nights in White Satin. One of the more haunting songs you will ever hear.The letter below was something never sent but I did mean to send it to my boss when I again approached meltdown.

In case you need to catch up , the links are below. . Whatever flaws I exhibit while publishing this series. However uncharitable I may seem with my words and my portrayal. Just remember, I had to live through this. I had to just grit my teeth. There were times to let out the steam I arranged my two pointer fingers in the shape of a cross because I truly felt this person was evil incarnate. Read what I wrote and tell me if this was not written by a tortured soul. I made my point verbally to admin and no one cared. They have become enablers of the behavior of M.O.O.

If you ever saw her proud peacock type strut like everybody is there for her. Like she is the sun and the rest of us are the solar system. If any of my office mates are willingly part of her posse. Please refer to the scene from Star Wars in the first video screen below. As told so wisely by Ben Kenobi.

She may have the devil may care attitude, the loud booming voice with the violent delivery. All I have are my words and this blog. If I had to suffer through this

I had already written my first letter which as you may know by now was not well received by management. She herself brought it to management's attention since it was meant for her and only her. It was her way of saying the blame lies outside and not within.


1) April 14 - I was cited for talking about the Masters to Jeffrey in Service (Zack Johnson an unknown won it so we were surprised) . It was so specific and rare that those are the details. 2) My email to Moo titled Cussing. June 3 Let's put that all in context what the office was like from 520 PM to 540 PM yesterday(July 10) . I have been to airport tarmacs that are quieter. I am not sure why my incident #1 deserves a one on one chat and a constant noisy Sales area is OK. And as is always the case, the noise here comes from one person. I asked after work yesterday and our noise source was loudly and clearly heard in Admin. As for point #2. I gave a list :

  • grace
  • professionalism
  • pleasantness
  • gentleness
  • femininity
  • room presence
  • manners
  • upbringing
  • decorum
  • consideration for others
  • elegance
If I may say and you were there to witness, those qualities were on display yesterday and everyday in this office. Maybe to the delight of some but to my personal annoyance. I will only speak for me . Others can speak for themselves. I am the type to speak out for what I believe and as long as I don't lie or make things up then it's hard to regret saying something that needs to be said but has not. As much attention as my email June 3rd got, nobody ever told me any of it was not true. I am trying to make a point and it hurts my point if I lie. I don't regret saying what I said before it was true then and it's true now. If anything , her consistency justifies what I said. The swearing has gone down. It is not wiped out but it has gone down. I don't even listen for it because why listen for something from a source that is obviously annoying . I try to shut her out as best as I can . Sometime last year I think MOO was struck with a blessing in disguise. But it did not lead her to an epiphany. The blessing in disguise was she lost her voice. It is definitely a handicap to lose the ability to speak. But the silver lining was she got to witness the noise level of this area as if she was not here. Obviously whatever impression it left on her left when her voice came back. Based on her behavior that you and I have seen she has no shame, no humility. There are facts and there are interpretations. My personal interpretation of her is she is an attention seeking missile. That interpretation is based on almost two years of knowing everything that she does , everything she is going to do and everything she is thinking just because of her tone of voice and the volume. Her mannerisms don't help much either, her dancing, her heel tapping when she is excited that you can't help but hear. Her staccato laugh that certainly rarely lacks volume. Reminds me of the laugh of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. One thing she used to do frequently was say she was going to the bathroom and the precise reason why she was going with nothing left to the imagination. She loves to make an entrance . She loves to make an exit. She just has to be noticed. Some people can get noticed with their brains. I don't see her as being brainy but at least I will tell you why: a) frequent use of "Yo Mama!!!" with such force and emphasis. In a manner seldom present in ladies. It is not a gentle, mild mannered , soft spoken delivery but a forceful and violent delivery. b) frequent loud intentional Filipino mispronunciations like "Fart number". (Etch -Pee Frinter) Followed by her trademark loud cackling robotic laugh. She probably thought she was Lucille Ball in her prime. c) enforcing her music on us and singing along. In her mind everybody within earshot must be entertained and delighted. She has no humility , no decorum . d) the frequent use of "Pare" very loudly when addressing women . Which is something I hear guys call each other over beer, I never hear women say that to each other. Not in an office environment. e) I have to hear everyday , twenty times a day declare what she considers "sosyal!" f) "You're such a such and such" another intellectual gem. I may be no intellectual gem but if people hang me on dumb things I say, it's because it was addressed to them. She just yells everything she says and everybody hears it. g) twice she has spoken quite loudly about her posterior :1) at the Seminar in March in Libis. She said " My as#? My as# is better than your as#." She said it during a break but within the earshot of everybody in the classroom. She said it to S**, who I very much doubt said anything to provoke such a statement. 2) about 6 weeks ago she came back mid day from a client call. Again she said very very loud " ang sakit sakit ng pwet ko". Please take my word for it and don't hold it against me that I was utterly repulsed at the mental image indelibly stamped in my mind by those two incidents. Something I don't want to think about and yet she brings it up. For all to hear. Since she is so candid about bringing it up, I hope you don't mind my gut reaction to it.

h) The class you sent us all to. Lilet our instructor wanted to show us all basic service then added service on top of that. Lilet started with a taxi and asked the absolute essentials of a taxi and of course it has to move , has to have a driver, gas etc. Then she kept asking for additional services she meant things like candy, newspaper etc. Moo volunteered "liligawan". I will leave the relevance of that comment to you.

i) Last year when the movie Wanted was showing she yelled once work ended " Angelina Jolie I'm coming.!" - Like everybody in the office should care. I know Angelina does not care.

j) There was this one event the company sponsored in 6750 Ayala. I did not go. But when she came back she was so thrilled she saw this cute guy there. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself. But everybody in the office had to hear about it. With that loud voice of hers. Like we were back in Grade 6.

Are these indicators of someone that deserves attention? Yet she seeks it constantly. Moo is an alcoholic and Percom is the bar. MOO is the crack addict and Percom is the crack den. In light of my list above , yet I am the one being given a talk to because I discussed a golf tournament? On the afternoon in June that I sent my infamous email I heard her say really loud to no one in particular : "Ang bastos bastos ng tao to.!" A moment of self awareness maybe? I doubt it. She may have directed it to me but you have what I wrote. I wrote it for her and just her. No one to this day including Moo herself ever disputed what I said. In the email before I said: Maybe I am in no position to judge your values but since I am involuntarily subjected to your unique vocabulary , I feel it's OK to comment in a civilized manner about what I am involuntarily subjected to. Maybe the others in this half of the office enjoy your loud swearing. I believe it's not proper and anybody with guts should be able to speak against it. I am totally speaking on my behalf and no one else. Again, I am subjected to all what i have described above and the question is should I be ? I believe I have accurately documented her habits and her behavior. If you put a gun to my head to do the same for R***** , Di**** or J*** , I will stop after 3 sentences. And you will be bored to tears. They do not give me enough to work with. MOO on the other hand is a non stop display of what she is all about. Maybe some people are naturally exuberant but maybe she can go to the slide in McDonalds during breaks to get it out of her system. She seems to treat this place like she was there. Nothing about her is subtle or understated . Not volume, not vocabulary , not inflection not wardrobe. She always has to be the center of attention. As long as she is visible so this is during office hours and on the premises. My opinion she is not worthy. Others may disagree but few will make the case that I am making. Moo should seek attention elsewhere. The questions are: 1) Is Moo indeed doing what I claim she does? 2) Assuming number 1 is true , does that behavior belong in our office? If you recall the only reason you know about my letter to Moo is she showed it to you. I stand behind what I say. But for me that gesture compromises her accountability to giving me the reason to write all that in the first place. She could have just had dialogue with me but there is not enough attention for her in that method. By showing it to you and not dealing with me, she defines me as the problem and not her. And you can tell that by her continuing on her course of unrefined behavior. I am not going to sit here and just take all this quietly. Then again her inability to be quiet is why we are having this discussion in the first place. Logically it is wrong for me to tell her all this myself . But can you point to any basic claim here as false? Thanks, Ed

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