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Life in the NFL Explained Through Juvenile Relationship Tiffs and Obscure 80s Songs

Life in the NFL explained through juvenile relationship tiffs.

This is a classic tale of dumping your girl friend because the new girl you want seems within reach. Then that falls like a house of cards and the foolish effort to convince girl friend #1 that she really is the one and let's move on.

That is pretty much what new Denver coach Josh McDaniels tried to do with current Denver all star QB Jay Cutler. He had then New England QB Matt Cassels in his sights a few weeks ago. Then that falls like a house of cards of course Cutler heard about it and did not take it well.

Now Josh claims it is him and Jay forever. if you are a tiny bit cynical to Josh's lip service so am I. I think this is all captured very well in song. Video below by Triboro. They cover the Weird Al song Good Enough for Now. Original is here on the multiply post in the form of an mp3 file . Lyrics below.

Cliff Richard once sang "Its so funny, we don't talk anymore".


McDaniels committed to Cutler, rules out nothing

By BARRY WILNER, AP Football Writer 9 hours, 42 minutes ago


DANA POINT, Calif. (AP)—Broncos coach Josh McDaniels says the team is committed to Jay Cutler as Denver’s quarterback. Still, he says no options— including trades—are being ruled out.

McDaniels spoke with the media for the first time Tuesday since the rift between the new Broncos coach and the Pro Bowl quarterback became public. He reiterated that Cutler is his quarterback and he’ll do what he can to improve the relationship.

The relationship became strained when McDaniels failed to inform Cutler about trade talks in which the Broncos showed interest in Matt Cassel. Cassel wound up being traded by New England to Kansas City, and Cutler asked to be traded.

“I’ve always been optimistic,” McDaniels said at the NFL meetings. “He’s on our team, he’s under contract, and I understand there’s things we have to work toward in our relationship.

“I’ve heard (Cutler’s trade request), but have not heard it from him personally. No one has contacted me, called me, text-messaged or e-mailed me.”

The 32-year-old McDaniels is in his first head coaching job after serving as offensive coordinator for New England, where he developed the untested Cassel into a top quarterback in 2008. He’s never denied that “conversations took place” this month about acquiring Cassel, nor does he apologize for them.

“You take into consideration what anybody is trying to offer up,” he said. “If the quality of the trade you feel, in the long run, improves your team, you analyze it.

“It’s been made very clear to me it’s my job to listen to a number of scenarios that would improve the team.”

McDaniels did wonder why Cutler insisted on having agent Bus Cook present when the coach and quarterback met face to face in Denver.

“One thing I continually want to do is meet with players one-on-one about myself, and find the best way to fix any issues,” McDaniels said. “It’s not an issue for an agent; we’re not talking contract. It was not mutual. He invited his agent.”

Cook did not immediately respond to messages left by The Associated Press.

Cutler did not show for the Broncos’ first team meeting last week and hasn’t participated in the team’s offseason program, which is voluntary.

McDaniels smiled when asked if this ordeal was difficult for a young, rookie head coach.

“You hope certain things don’t get out before you have a chance to meet and explain them,” he said. “So my attitude is I’m going to work hard to improve the team and in this case, the player, when I have an opportunity to, get to the point where he respects me for what I can do for him on the field. I hope that that’s mutual.”

Cutler has said he’ll be at a mandatory minicamp April 17-19—if he’s still a member of the Broncos. When asked if he envisions Cutler being the team’s quarterback five weeks from now, McDaniels emphatically said, “Yes.”

Cutler is halfway through the six-year, $48 million contract he signed as the 11th overall pick out of Vanderbilt in the 2006 draft. He’s 17-20 as Broncos starter, although that’s misleading because of Denver’s dismal defense. He’s 13-1 in games in which Denver held its opponents under 21 points.

He was upset when Mike Shanahan was fired as coach, and even requested that members of Shanahan’s offensive staff be retained, which didn’t happen.

“It’s not an ideal situation, obviously,” McDaniels said. “We want him to be here, but it has to be two ways. It’s a challenge for him. I understand the position he is in and I respect that.”
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Oh, I couldn't live a single day without you
Actually, on second thought, well, I suppose I could
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, honey, you're the greatest
Well, at any rate, I guess you're...pretty good

Now, it seems to me I'm relatively lucky
I know I probably couldn't ask for too much more
I honestly can say you're an above-average lady
You're almost just what I've been looking for

You're sort of everything I ever wanted
You're not perfect, but I love you anyhow
You're the woman that I've always dreamed of
Well, not really...but you're good enough for now

You're pretty close to what I've always hoped for
That's why my love for you is fairly strong
And I swear I'm never gonna leave you, darlin'
At least 'til something better comes along

'Cause you're sort of everything I ever wanted
You're not perfect, but I love you anyhow
You're the woman that I've always dreamed of
Well, not really...but you're good enough for now
No, not really...but you're good enough for now

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