Thursday, March 5, 2009

Otto from The Simpsons Comes To Life

Hey little Bart dude!!!!


School Bus Driver Caught Driving Drunk

Posted: 3:19 pm EST March 4, 2009
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana -- Police arrested a school bus driver in Indiana for allegedly driving drunk with a bus full of children.

The arrest happened near Indianapolis. Police said Phillip Leslie, 47, was intoxicated when he drove two bus loads of children home from school.

According to officers, Leslie's blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit to drive in Indiana.

Parent Brian Quick said, "You've got a bus full of kids. I can't imagine anything more scary on a bus than a drunk driver."

Police arrested Leslie as he was returning his bus to the garage. He is facing DUI charges.

Leslie was caught after one of the children told a parent that the bus driver smelled like alcohol.

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