Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There's a Light at The End of The Tunnel

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. My adversary for the last two years will be taking their attention seeking act elsewhere. The date I have of his/her last day is March 23. The countdown has begun. Of course in the wake of all this optimism and euphoria there is the minute chance that the replacement could be even more boisterous and obnoxious but somehow I doubt it.
You know who totally agrees with me? Susan Sarandon. She is singing in the video below if you are looking at the multiply post. Or go to home page, post of the same name. We are not talking about somebody who works with the building or somebody who has been here twenty years and even the guards are aware he/ she is leaving. That's because the guards describe my friend in the vernacular "alam mo para siya yung ari". ( you know the one who thinks she/ he owns the place) . Anyway as part of the countdown I am publishing the letter that lead to my physical exodus from the third floor. I sent this letter to my boss word for word . I reexamined what I wrote (Oct 31 2008) and nowhere do I mention this person's name. Maybe because I felt that it is so obvious who we are talking about anyway. I wrote the letter below for the same reason I wrote the letter June 2 /2008. It was the step before I would have turned into Howard Beale from Network. Or D-Fens from Falling Down . Well you know the result of this letter , I was encouraged to change floors. I was also told that Maria Ophelia Osmena (not her real name) or MOO for short was not bothering anybody but me. My superiors knew of all the behavior I documented but in the words of Bruce Springsteen "stood back and let it all be". I was told that they asked everybody in the room one by one and nobody had anything against this kind of behavior. Whether it was made up or not , I thought why be around people with such disparate values? Why be around people that tolerate foul language? Why be around one who constantly believes that their every thought must be shared with an unwilling audience? Why give credence to an attention seeking missile? The building guards agree with me and the building staff saw it fit to draw my superiors attention to her behavior but for my office neighbors its OK? Anyway March 23rd, 2009. Mark it down in your calendar. It will be like an invading army deserting a country it no longer wants. Before that fateful day I will try to post an unsent letter that again paints the picture of misery that MOO painted. Events not mentioned yet. In the meantime, I pray her ultimate destination , does not smarten up between now and then. As much as I rejoice in this breaking news, I hope she is not coming to a workplace near you. Ed


Oct 31 2008
To: My Immediate Supervisor
Subject: I Need To Talk To You Sometime next week. At your convenience. Subject is I do not regret at all writing that letter I did concerning swearing in this office. (June 2) All by one person who refuses to be subtle and / or gentle in anything she does. Nothing has changed. It was true when I wrote it and it's true now. I reread it and considering her swearing tirade this week and her hyper behavior I don't regret saying a word there because Percom Sales area is treated like a Friday night chika session hosted during office hours Monday to Friday . I was wrong in my method then (June 2) but the record shows I tried once using normal channels. If it will help with XXX , XXX or XXX there fine because I have points to air out. Incidents that I am not inventing. I intend to make the case to you of real events and why I believe they don't belong in the office . Maybe I am the only one vocal enough to express my grievance but so be it. I sent the original mail June 2. Precisely July 2, I started documenting her resumed swearing so in case I came close to the breaking point I have something to justify a complaint with. I was at that breaking point July 11 but you seem so harassed that approaching you was counter productive. Not only has the swearing continued but she has expanded her vocabulary. I am thankful no one here is following her lead. This week specially yesterday and today she is just so loud and gregarious. I still do not see anything in my original letter that is not worse as of my writing of this letter. She truly has no manners. I will gladly back up that claim. Today is non stop yelling like a playground . And as weird as it may sound that intensity increases at noon and at 5:30 . So I am just so eager to get out of here during lunch and dismissal. BTW about 3 weeks ago XXX at lunch asked me about this situation and I told him the truth, swearing is there and has never left. I told him if it ever came down to it , you would be the only one to know. Anyway I feel we have to talk. Thanks, Ed

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