Friday, March 20, 2009

The Case of Nicole and Another Inquiry Into Symbolism

She (We never thought of ourselves)
is leaving (Never a thought for ourselves)
home (We struggled hard all our lives to get by)
She's leaving home after living alone
For so many years. Bye, bye

The Beatles

With the sudden turn of events , none of us know the truth


Then there's this opinion. If you are not familiar with this person's work, his column is relegated to the 'tabloid' section of the Phil Daily Inquirer. They don't mix him with Inquirer's 'serious' editorials. Still , he is making my point

Tulfo - Opinion

One of the reasons why I am into this story a bit more than I should be is because I am getting deja vu. The story below happened in my college (Simon Fraser University) about three years after I graduated. Of course a lot of women's group sided with the alleged victim. Just because she was a woman. The facts seemed to have little bearing. Most rape/ assault victims would crawl into a mouse hole if they could. I remember Rachel having a website in 1997 when websites were so exotic . In it she would insist that she could be both the injured party and sexy at the same time. Of course later on it was discovered she was not the stalkee but the stalker. The last part is too funny that you will swear I made it up. She was hired by Fox News.

Rachel Marsden links.

Just like the on campus feminists that defended Rachel Marsden only for her gender and not anything else (like maybe her actions and behavioral tendencies) , these local feminists are blaming bigger forces then the feminist movement for making everything wrong and allowing injustice to prevail. There is nothing wrong with fighting for a cause as long as the foundation of action is based on conviction on the truth and not misapplied symbolism. The phrase undeserved sympathy comes to mind.

Conspiracy Theory

What a ride this Nicole has taken us on. By moving to America she is proving that she is not afraid of the Americans considering her stories lead to the imprisonment and constant humiliation of one. She is afraid of the Pinoys that swallowed her sob story hook line and sinker.


This is my first inquiry into symbolism:

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