Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stop The Presses I Dont Agree With Colin

This is a topic I could go on and on. I love Colin Cowherd as you all know but of course I don't agree with him all the time. Still, he's a got a way of saying things that makes you pay attention and that's all you can ask.

A lot of decisions you and I make daily are based on our values. You can lie to people all you want about what your values are but your actions will always give you away. Your actions are a big neon sign telling the world what your values are. I would hate to say what that says about me.

Listen to his 4 minute speech attached below or in ( http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/) about the NCAA tournament and he belittles Bobby Knight's approach about caring. Caring about the first word in the common noun "student athlete".

Colin is all about the big , dominant teams. He says it over and over again. he is not for the little guy. Which makes him two things: 1) a front runner 2) a guy who does not give a lick if college players actually crack open a book as long as they win games.

Colin values dominant teams. Knight prefers those teams be composed of guys who will graduate in four years. That is what he values. Being a molder of men.

Not everybody who plays major college basketball even gets looked at by the NBA. Knight knows this. He wants his players to be equipped when the cheering stops. And eventually it does. Knight's basic view is only come to college if you are interested in an education. He also believes that he is one of the professors. Except there is no textbook in his class. But people who take it will learn. But they are not going to get everything in one or two years.

Everybody who people who play sports should be like everybody else on campus except on game day should value educators like Bob Knight.

Everybody who believes college is a place for higher learning and not just a stop gap for the pros should value educators like Bob Knight.


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