Friday, February 26, 2010

War With Words Across The World

War With Words Across The World

I played this game . I was competitive. I had highs/ lows, moments of despair. Lead changed a few times. I hope I don't sound like I am laying on the hyperbole but I really thought I had an insurmountable lead. It was a match that I would have enjoyed watching. Just not in real time . You see it, it was played over six days.

The last screen of my first game.

Words with Friends is an Iphone / Touch application. You can play with anyone with similar hardware and software. I have to say my very first game was an excellent and fun experience. And it was free. The program itself allowed me to promote it on my Twitter and Facebook with limited results. It's worth a try and if you don't like it? What Have you lost? Download it with Itunes for free. Buzz me personally and I will play you provided I do not have more than 5 games going on.


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