Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lack of Pinoys, Protests and Other Things Vancouver Olympics Related

"Fake snow... Fake promises... Fake price tag... Welcome to Vancouver 2010." - Jeff Beyak

Never heard of Jeff Beyak? I don't blame you. He was a college mate. He can verify to you that I did go. Not sure if he can verify that I studied but he can tell you I was there.I have my own point of view on a lot of things but if you want an alternative to all the glitz and hoopla click here.

Let me tell you that Vancouver was the liberal capital of North America . At least when I was there. Beautiful place but no coincidence that the first unionized Starbucks and McDonalds were there. Also the first public place to smoke marijuana. I am sure this was spearheaded by people formerly associated with my brother. What fascinated me was all the professional protesters. Who it seemed like had no productive place to be. So if you hear anything about them just keep in context.

My thoughts on the Summer Olympics also apply to the Winter Olympics and I provided urls below should you care.

One thing I won't miss is local commentators complaining about no medals. It will not be a topic because they will think there is no snow here so why bother. They will say there are no hot climate countries participating anyway. And they would be wrong. Those winter paradise spots of Peru, Ghana , Morocco , Hong Kong and Senegal all are represented. They all probably had more snow than Vancouver too. Not only are their climates similar to ours but you can't convince me they all are heads and shoulders better off financially than we are. I have said before that I don't care about medal count. I care about spirit and community. Maybe it would do the Philippines well to have some representation in the Olympics. Broaden their minds away from basketball and boxing. Pinoy curlers !!! Yeah!!

Let's think of the opportunities.I have a plan. We all know there is no shortage of KSPs in this country. A visionary company that is also looking for more exposure should find one of those KSPs who is reasonably athletic and willing to channel his or her KSPness into training 4 to 8 years for Olympic qualifying in a Winter Olympics event. Also do not go for a glamor sport. Competition to get in is really stiff for figure skating. Being the best Filipino figure skater has as much weight as being the tallest midget when it comes to Olympic qualifying. Getting attention legitimately has a price. That price is doing all the boring work on a boring sport that only gets attention by the public once every four years. I doubt they will catch the games in Sochi, Russia by 2014. But the possibilities are there.

In my plan there is no public funding. I admit it's a bit ripped off from Colbert. It should not be the government. 1) they are not efficient. 2) they lost a lot of money in the Boracay Mansion fiasco. 3) this plan requires foresight, altruism and patience. If there is one thing I know about our senators and congressmen, they are full of shortcuts. They are also full of something else.

Think of all the publicity this KSP and their KSP sponsor will get when the Winter Olympics open and for the first time the Philippine flag will be there. Held by a KSP who focused their energy on qualifying and learning a skill that will be of absolute no use to them when the games stop. But the price will be worth it. The Philippines will be added to the list of countries participating and maybe in every barangay there will be kids in the street making believe that they are competing like our one sole representative in the Winter Olympics.... and winning.




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