Monday, February 8, 2010

Twitter Bowl

I have watched the Super Bowl many times over the last 30 years. 2010 marks the first time I augmented the experience with Twitter. Both as someone making observation and also getting instantly the observations of people who I read even if football was not the basis of me following them in the first place. I have to admit, it added a dimension to it that was not there before. Not only did I get Joe Theismann's color commentary but I also got the color commentary of people whose opinion I subject myself to anyway. I reproduced my notes below for you. Also you may look at the people whose tweets I found enhanced this game for me today.


Watching game with Quito and Jun Jun. Plus reading Tweets of several guys . Feb 8, '10 9:48 AM

Sean Payton 's two big gambles have paid off . He is definitely not playing to not lose. Feb 8, '10 9:33 AM

Our sync of The Who is so bad . Audio video. Your worst Kung Fu movie come to life . Feb 8, '10 9:05 AM

I thought going for td was nuts but it worked out . Saints gave Payton long field . And it's only 4

point game going into half . Feb 8, '10 8:57 AM

Is it just me or is cheering louder when the Saints get a first down than when the Colts got

their touchdown . Feb 8, '10 8:19 AM

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