Monday, February 15, 2010

RIP Doug Fieger

Tonight's blog entry is easy. I was in the middle of Stra Ma class, when I learned Doug Fieger had just died. The world knows him from My Sharona. One of those signature songs back when we were Grade 7. I will be one of the few people you will know who bought the vinyl album Get The Knack when it came out in 1979 the 11 years later saw the CD and justified the purchase by saying "they put this crap out for idiots like me." The videos I found are three songs that are NOT My Sharona. One was the first single off the second album ( which I also had on vinyl) Baby Talks Dirty. The second video is my actual favorite Knack song Mr. Handleman. Yes I am sucker for that piano lick. The third is a great song from Manhattan Transfer called Soul Food to Go with lyrics provided by Doug. Something a music nerd like me noticed right away.

I will try to get a playlist of the lesser known songs that I hope get you boppin'


If you can't see the videos below click here.

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