Friday, February 19, 2010

At Least I Am Not In Denial

A while ago in one of my rare Facebook status updates (this was before the Multiply cross post feature) I announced "Ed is coming to grips with his senility" or something to that effect. The weird part is there are some folks out there who think I am joking. I found that Calvin and Hobbs comic and at first I was going to post it as a stand alone with the title "This is so me". Of course give it time and I will experience more life and there will be more proof to that self assessment.

Tonight I was passing the Internet Cafe that I frequent near work and Annaliza (above) who I have known about a couple of years now waves me in while she was dealing with a customer. I don't go there as much during lunch time anymore because lately my dessert after lunch has been sleep. That tends to eat in on my going out time during the week. I was curious of course why she was calling me over, then she hands me my card reader with my 1 gig card. I did not even notice it was not in my possession. Two days earlier was Ash Wednesday. I had all this stuff on what is left of my mind. Work, school,etc. I had to compress a lot of things during lunch hour : a) print out assignment for my course due that night. b) buy a bag of coffee from Starbucks Greenbelt 1. c) Get ashed at AIM . I did not even notice my flash memory was not with me all this time. I also use that reader to read my cell phone flash in the PC. The odd thing was on Ash Wednesday I participated at/on/ in this thread. Great. Even my grammar is going.


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