Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Should Superman be allowed to be in an ad in the Superbowl?

Once again, we tackle the question that even if you have a right to an opinion , where are you allowed to have that opinion?

Tim Tebow is no stranger to this blog. Besides being an absolute perfect gentleman in a brutal sport, he is in a sense an abortion survivor. His mother was given professional advice (in the same city I live in no less) to abort Tim. Advice she ignored. She then gave birth to a boy who 19 years later would be nicknamed Superman.

So there are some who say that Superman is now not allowed to have an opinion. Which I find ridiculous. All these people call themselves Pro Choice as long as its their choice. Advertising has their own code and if a group ( in this case Focus on the Family) decides to pay for an ad that passes all standards then it gets to be aired. Saying you are Pro Choice yet squelching the ability of someone to disagree with your choice is being oxymoronic.

Besides the ad is meant for the most watched 3 1/2 hours all year for the U.S. That is the Super Bowl. Not exactly a bastion for Women's groups. Since when do Men's groups protest the Twilight saga. Since when do Men's groups exist?

Once again, you may listen to Colin's take on this issue. If you listen to him, we both come at this issue from opposite sides yet we come to the same conclusion.

Those of us with strong opinions should respect others who also have strong opinions regardless how much they relate with our own opinions.

I have my opinion but I usually try to give you a basis why I have that opinion in the first place.

Women are so concerned about their right to choose but I don't hear any mention of the rights of the little life inside them that they so conveniently forget. There, my opinion.






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katcarneo said...

Have just googled Tim Tebow and this ad issue, as well as the arguments of the Pro Choice advocates. According to them, if this ad airs and it does not disclose the fact that abortion was illegal in the Philippines where Tim's mom got advice to get her child aborted, they will file complaints of false/misleading advertising. Obviously they hate the idea of Pro-Life getting the upper hand, with such a touching true story to tell, and an excellent opportunity to do so. Personally, my stand on this issue is somewhere in between. I was raised to value life that's why I am against abortion, but I agree with having the option of aborting a child if the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. Of course, through Pam Tebow's story we know that such medical predictions may or may not prove true, so it is still the mother's choice to continue with the pregnancy or not. I just think it's a good idea for such operations to be regulated, done by well-trained professionals in carefully-controlled environments, rather than stealthily, done by quacks. Of course that makes me a little bit ProChoice but with their other arguments, I disagree, such as the chice to have a child aborted when one is raped, or when contraception was used but failed (I mean contraceptives DO fail!) or when a woman feels she is unable to raise a child (that kind of woman I'd like to whack in the head!) Even among Pro-Choice advocates there are disagreements about the acceptable situations for abortions, so I guess they should try to settle their issues first so they could fight a better war.

And as for Tim and Pam Tebow, wow, hope that ad airs.