Monday, April 27, 2009

Walang Hiya

You may not believe this but twice a week I walk from the office down Pasay Road and cross Edsa. Just as I was in the same block as New World Hotel your usual good for nothing obnoxious big shot in their own mind is blaring their siren bypassing the people playing by the rules by going into the unoccupied opposing lane.
Nothing unusual so far but a guard in that block singles me out and starts saying in Tagalog "walang hiya talaga" (have these guys no shame) , don't ask me to quote word for word what he said but he says this happens daily and who do these guys think they are?

I myself hate these inflated egos who look down on the peons that get in their way. I get the impression that for some reason the guard saw me as somebody who would sympathize with his point and I am, I do. Not sure though what about my appearance and my demeanor gave him that idea. Was wearing my obligatory ear phones so I could not have looked that inviting to talk to, but regardless he & I agreed.

It's self important buffoons like that , that get packed in Santuario every weekend . And still carry the same attitude, the same baggage. They go to church as that guard told me "walang hiya" when church is a place you should enter as humbled sinners. The examples are numerous. People coming in late ignoring reserved seats signs, using the offertory for political campaign promotions you name it. Once in a while some prayer and worship is done.

The streets and roads are a public resource but there are people who are "walang hiya". Church is a place where we are supposed to be all equal in the eyes of the Lord but some people are "walang hiya". That is the society we live in. This blog entry is my way of extending the middle finger to the "walang hiya" among us. Whether you think bypassing traffic is your God given right or you think the Church is there to serve you not the other way around.

Anyway Bruce Cockburn in the video below " will sing right out loud the things I can not say." (Eagles 1979)


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