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Colin Again Explains a lot of things About Our Lives

Because the heart that you break
That's the one that you rely on
The bed that you make
That's the one you gotta lie on
When you point your finger cos your plan fell through
You got three more fingers pointing back at you
-Dire Straits "Solid Rock"

The audio clip is less than six minutes but well worth your time. (original show April 8 2009 )

Contents of the Colin Audio clip so you know it will be worth your while to download

  • Story with the gal.
  • Validity of Stereotypes
  • Honesty Hurts
  • Cities that get defensive
  • Don't Blame the messenger for saying the facts.
  • Violent Reaction validates the initial point.

He is not talking about the Philippines specifically but he might as well be. A sitcom makes a joke they spend 20 seconds thinking about then all the so called patriotic pinoys are up in arms. And my stance on this is the same all along. Go ahead and get full of piss and vinegar if it makes you forget all the sins within our shores. For you the enemy is always external. Look within.

I love Colin because he explains things that go beyond what is in front of him. He talks about people that listen and react. The fact they are listening in the first place proves he is relevant. How many pinoys knew who Chip Tsao was ? Now he should not have said that? Thinking is not fashionable among the Pinoys that do all these gut reactions because very seldom do they voluntarily subject themselves to people who do think. Look at what passes for popular among the hardcore pinoys and seldom is there anything remotely cerebral.Eat Bulaga WowWowWee , telenovelas etc. So when there is an issue do you think they even think of thinking?? I thought so.

We get the Michael Bay type movies simultaneously as the U.S. but something like Slumdog Millionaire has to win an Oscar before they schedule it here. And it's not exactly the upper end in terms of a thinking movie. Still refreshing in terms of its style and pace compared to the blockbusters. As an audience we have to be told something is good by the label "Oscar Winner" before they can even schedule. Who will you blame the distributors or the movie going public? All I can say to that is no one puts a gun to the head of our people to watch Tito Vic and Joey. We know what rates here. We know the comprehension level here. So do our politicians. That's why what could be seen as insulting to people who can think is seen as gospel truth by people who are not used to thinking. I would like to end my rant with apologies to Randy Newman.

If I had one wish One dream I knew would come true
I'd want to speak to all the electorate of the Philippines
I'd get up there, I'd get up there on that platform
First I'd sing a song or two you know I would
Then I'll tell you what I'd do
I'd talk to the people and I'd say
"It's a rough rough world, it's a tough tough world
Well, you know
And things don't always, things don't always go the way we plan
But there's one thing, one thing we all have in common
And it's something everyone can understand
Read the story of the The Elephant and the Stake


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Children's Story: The Elephant and the Stake

In India, elephants are often used by loggers to drive logs down the river. However, elephants are enormous, so they have to catch them when they are only baby elephants.

One time, there was a baby elephant who fell into a big elephant trap. Then he was sold to a loggers camp.

This is not to say that the loggers were mean to the baby elephant, because they fed him every day and washed him. The mahout, or elephant driver who would ride his back when he got bigger, was always nice to him, but the baby elephant missed his mother and father very much.

So that the baby elephant couldn't run away into the jungle again, the driver tied his leg to a little stake in the ground every night. Of course, he could have pulled the stake right out of the ground, since he was an elephant, but he thought that he couldn't do it. So he couldn't do it. In this way, loggers in India make adult elephants think that they can't escape by tying their legs to little stakes in the ground when they are only babies.

One day, a mouse heard the baby elephant crying."Why are you crying?" the mouse asked him.

The baby elephant wailed: "I have been separated from my mother and my father. I know that I'm never going to see them again!"

"But why?" asked the mouse. "You're an elephant. You're the biggest animal in the jungle. If you pull your leg, you will pull that stake right out of the ground. Then you'll be free."

But the baby elephant didn't believe the mouse: he didn't think that he could pull the stake out of the ground, so he couldn't do it.

When the elephant told the mouse that he couldn't do it, the mouse shrugged his shoulders and said: "Then I don't care. It's you business, not mine."

A few days later, the baby elephant saw the mouse again. There were two peanuts just out of the elephant's reach, and the mouse had one peanut in his paws. When he saw the baby elephant, the mouse cried out with surprise: "I don't believe it! How come you're still not free?"

But the baby elephant shook his head and replied: "I can't do it. It's too hard."

"You have to believe in yourself," said the mouse. "If I doubted myself like you, the snakes would eat me for sure. It's dangerous to be a mouse, you know..."

The baby elephant was about to ask the mouse to push the second peanut towards him, so that he might take it in his trunk, but the mouse snatched it greedily and ran away with it.

One day, there was a fire in the loggers camp. The fire was soon out of control. Both the loggers and the elephants ran around in a panic, but the mouse wanted to try to help the baby elephant. "Run!" shouted the mouse. "Otherwise, it's all over you!"

But the baby elephant just stood there, still tied to the stake in the ground.

"Please don't give up," pleaded the mouse. "If you will only pull your leg, then you'll pull the stake out of the ground and you'll be free. But you must hurry."

When he saw the other elephants running, when he saw the fire, the baby elephant pulled the stake out of the ground. Then he ran into the jungle, where he found his mother and his father still living in the wild.

Moral: If you believe, you can do it, but you first must convince yourself in your own mind.

The End

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