Monday, April 20, 2009

Four Months Three Priests

Shame on me that it took the combined loss of three good men to get a mention here. When you consider all the trivial stuff this space is filled with. Our loss is heaven's gain. I admit that I am not a saint. But as long as you know the two things I will admit to being semi good at is speaking up for the unborn in a world that trivializes them and I help priests. Better late than never.

1) December 11 2008 Father Pat Lim. I first remember meeting him when I did my two years in the Philippine Stock Exchange. I found out later that he was good friends with the family so I may have met him earlier. I served for him when he did the First Friday masses in the building. I will never forget his sermon pre Edsa II. Do you want our country to symbolize the mistresses and the mansions? That was the main point of the impeachment trial. More information about him here.

2) March 13 2009 Fr. Tom Green Again a good friend of the Jalandonis. For years he was just a voice on the phone to me. I would call him to confirm our service was done properly. He was a key figure in the later life of my aunt and he meant so much to her. He spoke at her funeral but we never got a chance to speak. We did get our chance a year later and you can see that picture here. I was partnered with my other uncle that evening and Fr. Green joined our table late. Sporting a beer which we had not seen earlier . We remarked on his beverage and his only reply was " beer is only for the clergy." Anyway please read about him from people that knew him better than I did.

3) April 17 2009 Fr. Jerome Angulo

I don't have too much to say about Fr. Jerome except we are the same age. I also think that in the last year and a half of his life it seems to me he did well in a post that I personally would find difficult. His post required him to get a collection of various souls going in the same direction. That collection ranged from the very pious to the very superficial and all points in between. I have seen politicians here manipulate the Church for their own ends. If they truly used the Church for what they are supposed to then they would leave their campaigning and ill intentions at the door. Sadly that is not the case. I really avoid San Antonio on the weekends because many treat it as the place to be seen. A place to throw their weight around. Not necessarily a place conducive to worship. Because a sad by product of having a Catholic majority is the Church is part of society. Whatever shallow behavior exists for the benefit of spectators on the outside gets dragged to the inside. So my Sundays I choose churches with less pretentious parishioners. Father Jerome took this challenge as his last duty on Earth and I hope he has made a difference.


There you have it. Three men whose mission on Earth is over. I am glad those three made their way into my life.


addendum: Should anyone argue with what I said about San Antonio. Please know I have witnessed personally being used as a platform for elections. A year and a half ago I remember they made the simple act of bringing up the offertory a barangay election ploy. Saying who was bringing what and what they were running for. If any San Antonio people get pissed by what I said in piece, explain that??

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