Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Defence of Carrie Underwood

It's Only Words and Words are all I have to take your Heart Away. - The Bee Gees.

If you have not heard by now, Carrie got to trouble yesterday by making a comment at the Country Music Awards. It was a spontaneous thing. It was live TV. The ammo is live. Matthew McConaughey said something that was not exactly wholesome and he never got criticism for it. Carrie makes an on the spot quip and she gets crucified. Maybe because she is a woman??

See? There is a reason why people fear public speaking more than they fear death. Because this can happen. I have a lot of public stories, some I really try to forget. As a reward to my few loyal readers here , you can see and hear the mistakes I made.

First video. A promo for education in Canada. Whoever decided to put me to promote education has got to have serious reeducation coming their way. In that interview I talk about a snowfall. But because its spontaneous and I always have this voice in my head to slow my speech down, sometimes the facts get trampled on. I meant to say the snowfall of Valentines Day 1990 not 2000. Off by a whole decade.

Second Video - very early in you hear Yvette give Ricky permission to fire away with questions like I was a Filipino Louis Rukeyser. She gave the dreaded phrase " Feel Free To ask Any Questions. " So early on the seed for my destruction was planted.
I remember very clearly the first time they asked me to go on. My exact answer was "How could I possibly tell you anything of value?". Eventually I got on anyway only because I said the same thing everybody else was saying but differently. They usually prep anyway which gave me the chance to ask the few friends I did have to tell me what they would say. Then I tried to make it my own. Later on you can see Ricky deviates from the script. Asks me about the stock GEI which I may have known nothing about the moment he asked that question. This was almost nine years ago. Or maybe I just said what I knew for sure at the same time hedged my bets. Maybe I should have been a politician.

Even though the second video was taken nine years ago, see how little we progressed. We were talking about hostages and ransoms back then but you would think it was this week's news. Nice segue from Carrie Underwood and getting lucky huh?


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