Monday, April 6, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Major League Baseball is back. Good news is even here in basketball myopic Philippines we get baseball on TV. The bad news is 95 % of the time they show those steroid obsessed New York Yankees. People who cheer for the Yankees are the same people who cheer for the hot knife when it plays butter.

If you recall a previous post I did. Sometimes just asking questions is a more effective learning tool. Every time you are excited over a sequel or a cliff hanger it's always because there are questions that are unanswered in your brain that are unanswered.

Some of the questions this season I am looking forward to seeing answered this year off the top of my head?:

  • Will the Mets acquisition of solid 8th and 9th inning guys be enough to avoid the late season collapses that plagued them the previous years? They already have ace Santana.
  • How do the Orioles and Blue Jays feel every time people bring up the intense "three" way race in the AL East? Will that snub propel them to be factors where people are only considering the Yankees, Red Sox and Tampa Bay as occupants of the division?
  • Speaking of those pesky Rays. Everything I heard last year hinted that Joe Maddon's boys are supposed to come into their own this year.Meaning what we saw last year in the World Series was not even the finished product. Then why are many picking them to finish as a Wild Card or out of the playoffs? Yankees spend a lot of money but on chem lab experiments.
  • Ever heard of Hanley Ramirez? Some people think he is the most talented player in baseball.
  • Is this the year the Moneyball A's catch up with the perennial division winner Angels in the AL West? The good news is that the A's have players you would recognize. the bad news, they all hit their primes about 5 years ago.
  • A lot of analysts I listen to pick my Cincinnati Reds to surprise some people. It's talk like that , that makes me nervous. Will they tease us till the All Star Break before the wheels the come like we are used to the last few years.
  • Is it third time lucky for Lou Pinella's boys the Cubs? Or are is the weight of the 101 year old curse too much to bear?
  • Everybody assumes that super brat Manny Ramirez is all the Dodgers need to cement the NL West. But pitching is more crucial and it seems like the Giants have the advantage there. Will it be enough to reverse the "foregone conclusion"?

Tune in to Major League Baseball to find out the answers to all these questions. 2009


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