Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why I Choose To Dwell With The Shadows

I truly love music as some of you know. Two vastly underrated methods of broadening your music horizons are a) reading b) word of mouth. Two of my favorites that I discovered solely by reading and without hearing a note are Randy Newman ( Rolling Stone Record Guide) and Lyle Lovett (Musician Magazine) .

Let's see if the following makes any sense. In 2010 I was introduced to a band that was recording 6 years before I was born. The person doing the introduction was my cousin who is 18 years younger than I am. The band I am talking about are the English legends The Shadows.

If you recall not too long ago I mentioned them in a previous post about live albums. This Shadows 50th Reunion Concert epitomizes the sheer joy of rock and roll live. No pyrotechnics, no dancing girls on stage just guys and their instruments interacting with each other and enjoyable to listen to with video or without. I keep joking in my personal life that I am a fossil but these guys are about late 60s and they rock!!

I am not really a guitarist but listening to a whole concert of the Shadows and I realized how much distortion (the guitar effect) is in the normal live stuff I listen to. As a guitar outsider it seems to me the Shadows don't know the meaning of the word and I for one am glad. They did not compromise the sound that works for them.

Instead of me giving their history, you are better off getting it at the source:




I included two songs. The boogie woogie Shadoogie which only now I realize is Shadows + Boogie. Also F.B.I. which has of all things a polka intro.

I will include in a future post songs where the Shadows are joined by Cliff Richard but for now enjoy this band as they are. Brian on drums, Mark on bass,Warren on keyboards, Bruce on rhythm guitar and Hank Marvin on lead guitar.

Kanye West can't do this. Justin Pipsqueak can't do this. Britney Spears can't do this. Neyo can't do this. It takes talent to do this.



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