Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Hope We All Act Out What John Wooden Taught

“It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.”

From the beginning of Chapter 15 They Call Me Coach John Wooden

A good man died today. Billy Joel once sang Only The Good Die Young. If that's true then young must be 99. Because John Wooden is definitely good. He may not be as perfect as some set him out to be but he is definitely good. I wrote about him in the past dreading the day he would leave us and that day is here. In the future I will write more about what John Wooden has taught but I will today reprint the opening of Chapter 15 of his book. Which you can see below in blue . Also read the previous John Wooden blog entries.

Here is a guy who had the best mens college basketball team in the US 10 years out of 12. Winning just one is extremely hard considering there are more than a hundred eligible teams in Division I NCAA. What does he talk about in his book? Leaving the showers clean, being considerate of the custodians, courtesy and politeness. All of that put together is supposed to make your unit be more effective. Concern for others make your team more effective. What a novel concept.

Unselfishness is truly rare in society. I spoke many times about how you never see that in politicians. Today I will talk about how you don't even see that trait in the streets we walk in. I won't insult your intelligence giving you links how bad smoking is. So first of all it's stupid to be even smoking. OK not stupid, idiotic. If I just insulted you I really don't care. My name is not John Wooden. Second of all, if you are going to smoke please don't inflict it on a person who is just going from point A to point B. Don't do it while walking a public street. I just might extend my middle finger. If you think that's rude again I don't care. My name is not John Wooden. That person is forcing carcinogens on my lungs and you are upset about the configuration of the digits in my hand? What that guy is doing to me is scientifically proven to be bad. I am just playing with symbolism. Where are your priorities?

Lastly while we are on the topic of morons who smoke I can not understand for the life of me someone who smokes in the presence of their young child. Even while carrying them. When I say carry I mean both in your arms and in the womb. Like I said in a previous "tweet" that explains why people in this country voted for Erap in the millions. I may not know much in life but smoking is a manifestation of stupidity and inconsideration. Anthony Boulton once said smokers are the bane of society.

All you smokers can kill yourselves in some airtight container and that is fine with me. When you force me even for a nano second into your moronic habit then don't be surprised at my resentment. You should all be unselfish and courteous like John Wooden teaches. Me, I will work on my smokers rage.


UNSELFISHNESS is A TRAIT I always insisted upon. I believed that every basketball team is a unit, and I didn't separate my players as to starters and subs. I tried to make it clear that every man plays a role, including the coach, the assistants, the trainer and the managers. My managers were always considered part of our team. They were not the team's servants. Rather, they worked for the team, and the team had to work for them. One of my demand rules had to do with the way we left our dressing room, either at Pauley Pavilion or on the road. Many building custodians across the country would tell you that UCLA left the shower and dressing room the cleanest of any team. We picked up all the tape, never threw soap on the shower floor for someone to slip on, made sure all showers were turned off and all towels were accounted for The towels were always deposited in a receptacle if there was one, or stacked neatly near the door. It seems to me that this is everyone's responsibility— not just the manager's. Furthermore, I believe it is a form of discipline that should be a way of life, not to please some building custodian, but as an expression of courtesy and politeness that each of us owes to his fellow man. These little things establish a spirit of togetherness and consideration and help unite the team into a solid unit.



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