Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reason #1642 Why We Don't Subscribe To The Inquirer

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I have been very critical of our newspapers in general before. Of course if I learned anything by living here the last 10 years: no matter how moronic things get, they can get even more moronic. A newspaper is supposed to inform you of the world. It is not supposed to be a cheerleader. But with a headline like this, no wonder this nation can not think critically. We are "hailing " somebody who has done nothing except pick the right parents and who is a beneficiary of favorable treatment by ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

And on cue if you see the main story, it's flanked by pictures and stories of Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino. Not sure about you but I am ashamed of a country whose voters respond to emotional pleas about a candidates parents as a well a man who was pardoned of crime normally punishable by death. Wherever critical thinking dwells in this country, it's not in the ballot box.

Also the Inquirer's main attraction in the editorial section is a man by the name of Conrado De Quiros. Never has one man said so many so words so eloquently that somehow dance around the fact Noynoy has never done anything practical to be worthy of being a leader of a country. Hey Connie!! With all the money you made whoring out your column and your newspaper and your words and your name to help elect this bum the least you can do for me is buy me an iPhone 4. Mr. De Quiros' history is here.

The guy won the election, fine. Just don't make it out as he cured cancer or a conquering hero. He is the beneficiary of an electorate that decides purely on name recognition and sentiment. You are in essence hailing a 50 year old man for having famous parents.


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