Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sleeping On The Job

For those of you have never been here (Manila) , it is impossible to go into a commercial establishment in this city without a guard checking you and checking anything you are holding big enough to hold a bomb. Today at Greenbelt 1, I entered the mall from the second floor parking. The guard was there and I was expecting to be waved through or him to look at the small paper bag I had. I looked and his eyelids were shut. He was totally unaware I was there. I just walked through. To show you how slow I think, hours later I thought I should have taken a picture.

Do I believe he was asleep standing up? Yes. Why? It happened to me. 1987 Columbia Plastics. 10th and Arbutus Vancouver. I was on graveyard shift. As a machine operator. You stand in front of your machine,the part comes out. You remove any remnants of the plastic injection stub then wait for the next part. Closed my eyes for a while, swear that I was not fully awake then opened them. I was still standing.

The following is a more conventional story of a guy sleeping. I won't say what mall this , lest this guy lose his job. Here he is asleep. he may have been off duty but his radio was on. He did not even notice the flash going off.


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