Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can You Read My Mind?

Once in a while, there is something that you know will make you uncomfortable. but something in you tells you to do it anyway. The following video was sitting in my iPod unwatched for a few days. Just by the title of the video I knew it was about conjoined twins. I knew the sight of sitting two kids fused together was not going to be an easy thing to stomach.

Well it was not really. But it is important to judge something on the whole package. Because what I saw was two cute little girls who are living by their eyes a normal life. What I also saw (unless it was a convincing act) was a mother's love and determination. She says herself in the video that the doctor brought up the dreaded "A" word after the ultra sound, 21 weeks into the pregnancy. I admired her courage seeing this through instead of terminating the pregnancy. It may be Father's Day but enjoy this mother under unusual and trying circumstances.Any birth by itself is a miracle. The story of the Hogan twins has a miracle that goes beyond that. You will see this towards the end of the video. I just see God and Faith in this story.


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