Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from CDR King

At about 12:20 today (Dec 24 2010) I was purchasing an item from CDR King Greenbelt 1. The older one by Watsons. The newer one is by the GB1 Cinemas. They told me the item has a one week return policy. I asked them if they take into account the fact that they have Christmas Day off. Well, turns out I have my facts wrong. They will be there Christmas Day. I asked the three girls three times and they said each time that they will be working on the 25th of December. I told them in my busted Tagalog that I felt sorry for them.

I may have my facts wrong but does it mean CDR King has their policies right?? Retail store with non essentials opening on Christmas Day? Taking employees away from their families on Christmas Day?? Ask them yourselves. Phil Jackson will agree with me. Click here.

If you think it's OK then fine. If you don't think it's OK: write management , write about it , react to this blog, tell the employees at your local branch that you feel bad. I won't go as far as boycotting the place mind you. But if you do go that far, tell them that you are and why. Then let others know. If you read this blog you know I value capitalism but I also value families and I think both can coexist. The management of CDR King seems to value one over the other on Christmas Day.


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