Wednesday, December 15, 2010

God Bless You Kirk Douglas

God Bless You Kirk Douglas

His son Michael was in the news quite recently for his bout with cancer. Hard to believe Kirk is still alive. He looked really old jogging in Central Park in the movie It Runs In The Family and that was seven years ago.

In the last little while I have seen two movies with Kirk Douglas in them. Two movies both released before I was born. Obviously these movies are superb. The reason why I picked the clips below is because in both these movies Kirk plays really heroic but really flawed men. Not easy to pull off.

I want to pay tribute to this man while he is still among us just like I did with John Wooden earlier this year. Before everyone starts jumping on the bandwagon.

The people who know nothing about movies can have all the Twilights they want. I will stick to watching quality stuff like these Kirk Douglas movies.

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