Saturday, October 30, 2010

Questionable Headline: RP Still Seen As Corrupt

You can see the headline. Here is the story. The reason why I find this worthy of saying a few words is the one word in that headline. "Still"

If you don't get me now try these hypothetical headlines:

Mount Everest Still Highest Mountain.

Grand Canyon Still Breath Taking.

Casablanca Still A Classic.

Michael Bolton Still Cheesy.

Willie Revillame Still Produces Moronic TV

The word "still" implies there is or was a chance that the status quo is threatened. Otherwise why say it that way?

It would take armaggedon of incredible bibilical proportions to change the status of the Grand Canyon or Mt. Everest. Casablanca is safe as long as movies like Twilight keep coming out. Michael Bolton once wrote for Kiss. Willie's new show by all indications is not CSI.

Nothing has happened here in the last twelve months to warrant that simple word "still". Unless you count not hearing sirens while on the road. To at least get you out of here in an optimistic and pleasant mood. Enjoy the song titled the same as our key word. Done by the band of a guy who I think is Nicole Richie's dad.


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