Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10 Is A Fraud

"Because Time Won't Give Me Time"- Time (Clock of the Heart) Culture Club

I want to thank all of you making a big deal out of 10-10-10. Even if I am not one of you.You actually made me think. The following like anything else in this blog is originally from me. One of the sports cliches when a pitcher hits 100 wins is "it's just a number". And it's true, it's one more than 99 and one less than 101. 10-10-10 is just a number. With one difference from my sports analogy. The first win in that hundred was really the first win. Jan 1 0001 was not the first day leading up to 10-10-10. There were many days before that. It's almost like playing a game lasting many centuries but only deciding to keep score Jan 1st 0001. The other points did not count but the ones from now on count.

Hopefully that part is common sense and easy to understand. That there were days before what we consider the first day of the first month of the first year. Now here is something I doubt you thought about if you consider 10-10-10 sacred or any other symmetrical date. Sept 9 1999 or August 8 1988.

Back in 1582 Pope Gregory took scissors to what we know as the calendar. The basic premise being the year was not exactly 365 days long. The actual length of a year is 365.242 days So based on the calculations at the time of Pope Gregory they decided to correct what they consider as "calendar drift". They did this by removing October 5-14, 1582 from the calendar. Ten days that never happened.

I heard this concept watching an educational show on TV in my high school years. The fact I can still recall that gives me hope that senility is not entirely upon me. Based on this fact (see links below), it is indeed true that 10-10-10 is just a number. So man do I feel silly celebrating last Sept 2. (90210)

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Tin A Pie said...

actually that happened here as well. sometime around magellan's time. I just have to find that book where I read it from.