Saturday, January 23, 2010

Talk About A Call to the Bigs,215238

Once again this post is about a baseball player but it's not about baseball.

Why am I writing about this? Unless you are a member of my immediate family and have a good memory from 27 years ago, you will not know I thought for a while I was getting the Call. I am not saying it makes me special or anything since others who have gotten the call were Vinnie Barbarino and Tom Hagen's son.

One of my common themes in my blog is that we will all see the same thing but our view on the same thing will be processed by our own values. In this audio blog you will hear the voice of who had potential to be a star in the major league level. Then is giving it up to answer the Call of God to serve as a priest. Some people find that decision silly. The weird thing is I am a baseball nut. A nut enough to know the lifestyle, culture and values can be very detrimental to anyone who values looking themselves in the mirror.

I will not go into extreme detail what I mean by that but baseball at times condones cheating of all kinds and ignores all kinds of long term well being for the sake of immediate gratification.

What Grant Desme is is doing is the exact opposite of that. In part 2 of the audio blog, you will hear all sorts of players thinking he is nuts for throwing away all that baseball skill and going into an unrelated profession. Or should I say vocation.

Those people can't relate. Their values may only lie in baseball. A sport that does not even respect its own history enough to allow slimy chem lab experiments to deprive the all time greats of their records. A sport where the bad guys winning is glorified.

Those people can't relate to one who will rather take a difficult job with little pay with intent of serving the Lord. The honor of performing sacraments and preaching the Gospel.

My point here is that there are some people who have values they prioritize over materialism, deception and hedonism. And it is an honor for me to know about them and to spread their voice to people like you to give the world some hope.


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