Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mark McGwire 101

This is only for those curious what the big deal is about Big Mac. You may already have your opinion on this. The facts and other opinions are in the links below. Colin Cowherd as usual provides both a critical and humorous look at the McGwire admission. Also in the multiply post was a video news story from that fateful day in 1998 when McGwire got the record. Preserved from good old VHS. One interesting revelation was that McGwire wanted all this to come out in 2005 but was not granted immunity. My opinion is what a crock. The FBI grants mob informants immunity because their sins pale in comparison to the guys who they testify against. Lost in all the steroid debate is the illegality of them. Some people treat the issue of steroids like people who Coles Notes. Coles Notes for your test in Macbeth is not illegal to sell, buy or own. The steroids these guys were using were. That is why McGwire wanted immunity. He broke the Roger Maris record using something that was illegal. No one will ask for immunity if their chemical of choice was Mountain Dew. Baseball is a marvelous game. Despite what idiots like Mcgwire, Sosa and the MLB Players Association have done with it. Ed;_ylt=AiPJgT7I0VC6du6F5nSBLUg5nYcB?slug=ap-mcgwire-canseco&prov=ap&type=lgns,213064,212973,212973

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