Monday, January 25, 2010

From Out of the Rubble

Who has not heard of the disaster in Haiti by now? But for me the trick for anything I do is to offer a viewpoint that you may not have heard before even if the main topic is familiar enough. No sense being cliche. In my own little cyber world it is not new to anyone that every once in a while I will voice my strong opinion on a certain word that begins with "A" . It is a very divisive word. The people who oppose my view always lead off with about bringing a child into the world whose life might be miserable. Like it's the choice of the mother whether or not the little human inside her deserves that chance. Well, in the debate we rarely bring up the other "A" word which is adoption. If you know of adopted people who are grateful that they were adopted then you may have a similar perspective to me.

There might be a chance that what you will see in the video is staged or exaggerated. Different people will look at the same thing and see different things. For me, I see love. In the midst of so much pain and death comes this story of love. Of a couple that loves a child that is not "theirs". A child that "looks" so different from them. Yet , I look at it and I see love. I believe that if such love can exist between that couple and that child from a far away place then the less rationale there is for any of us to extinguish a human life within the womb. Whatever your view on the subject there is no way you can watch this real life miracle from the site of that complete disaster and come out with some appreciation of life and love.

God Bless Matt and Mandy Poulters and God Bless You.


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