Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What A Lame Campaign Noynoy Related

"In his interview with UKG, Noynoy admitted that the controversies hounding his youngest sister somehow affect his presidential bid."

Read that quote from a Yahoo story again. What is it saying? My personal opinion is that Noynoy's campaign is being buoyed by the legacy of his dearly departed parents and the fame of his drama queen sister. He has nothing to fall back on. With the possible exception of some of my relatives campaigning for him. If he had any substance, any distinct identity then any public shenanigans by any family would have as much impact as ping pong balls on Rambo's chest. But this is Noynoy we are talking about. Like Barack Obama before him, no one can name one significant accomplishment that predates the campaign. That is why the actions of his family will define him more than his own actions will. Because he has none. I countered a Noynoy supporter here in Multiply. I would like to believe I made so much sense that he did not bother to handle my objections. If these are your supporters Noynoy, I would hate to see your adversaries. Noynoy govern this country? He can't even control his sister.




For those who want to Know Noynoy Aquino, read on. Remember that voting for a president is one of the biggest responsibilities that we are given in this life. And we all have to do our part in order to keep the future of our company as bright as possible. Here are some interesting facts about Noynoy Aquino that you might not know about.
Noynoy Aquino was born Benigno Simeon Cojuango Aquino III on the eight of February 1960. He is currently a senator but is dropping his place in order to run for President for the election next year as part of the Liberal party.
Here are some among other interesting facts about him. He is a proud product of Ateneo University. During a coup d'etat that was staged by rebels way back in Cory Aquino’s term of presidency, there was an incident that led to the serious wounding of Noynoy. During the year 1998, Noynoy Aquino sat in the House of Representatives of Tarlac as elected in that year’s congress. Then last 2007, he became a Philippine Senator.
Of course, as a result of his bid for presidency, a deluge of criticism has been thrown his way. A lot of people, for example, say that he does not really deserve to even run for president because he has not enough accomplishments to show for. Neither is he vocal enough for his presence to be actually felt anywhere. It seems that he takes after his mother who was also soft spoken. And it seems that it is his sister Kris Aquino who inherited their father’s blatant honesty.
In all those eleven years that Noynoy has been in the government seat, his main detractors note that there seems to be no major contribution to the legislative body from him. There seems to be not enough political will in Noynoy as well. After his mother’s well televised burial which the whole nation mourned, he was then approached by the party to head them as a presidential candidate. It does not really seem, even in just looking at Noynoy smiling shy demeanor, that he deserves to be president nor even really has enough political will to be president. Is he seems to just be riding the fame of his mother and father, something that is in very bad taste.
But of course, none of these are true. It is a fact that Noynoy Aquino just needs to get the chance to be president and his parents’ legacy shall be continued especially since a son will never be able to stain such a high legacy.


Tin A Pie said...

ed, to the guy who wrote this: " It is a fact that Noynoy Aquino just needs to get the chance to be president... "

-- needs a chance? even bayani has achieved more than he did even without his parents actually being high profiled!

"...and his parents’ legacy shall be continued especially since a son will never be able to stain such a high legacy."

-- yeah right. what to make of Kris then?

Ed Lopez said...

well, the thing is Jeffrey and I were just puzzled by what I found to be a good exposition of Noynoy flaws and not even a convincing case against the detractions. Plus after Jeffrey and I had our counter arguments, he changed some parts of his piece without addressing us. He is a homer.

Ed Lopez said...

As for the Kris comment. Not sure why I did not think of that since it's so true. He is asking us to take quite the leap. Why not comment on his Multiply?

Tin A Pie said...

what do you mean with that argument with sir Jeff? you mean he vies for noynoy?

and for commenting on that guy in multiply, i'd probably reply by that noynoy blog i did before ^_^

Ed Lopez said...

No, we agreed in terms of our take on this guy. If you look at Multiply , Jeff and I are only people to make comments there. Maybe one more person.

Tin A Pie said...

good to hear sir jeff agrees with us ^_^. glad to join in that blog post too! would try to read that when given the chance