Friday, January 22, 2010

Manny Pacquaio Speaks Live Without A Net Audio Blog

ESPN Jan 20 2010 . Live without a net.

With so much money on the line I don't see why Manny Pacquaio has to make his case himself when the word articulate does not exactly come to mind when you hear him. Manny can do no wrong in the Philippines even if he can't spell the word so of course everybody here thinks Floyd is a coward. This was broadcasted on ESPN January 20 2010.

These are Manny's words and Manny's voice and its up for you to decide if this is a guy who was stood up at the altar or a guy who had no intention of getting married without a prenuptial.

My opinion: Floyd may be manipulative and self promoting but his blood test condition is not demanding. Manny should have just said yes. He would have been compensated a cool 40 mil.

One of my questions is how badly does Manny have to speak before there has to be an interpreter doing the answering?


Highlights from the audio interview

  • On the interview question why did the fight not push push through? He mumbles something about Floyd reasons and Floyd did not want fight.
  • On the question asked of Manny why he won't submit to blood testing. - Floyd is bigger.
  • On the question why he would agree to blood testing 14 days before the fight? - all he can say is heavy training, hard training.
  • On the question he would not agree to full random testing ?- the one time he agreed to it , he was weak and lost to Morales. He claims that there was a blood test the day of the fight.
  • Brian Kenny then asks if a test 15 days before the fight would bother him?- he still sprouts heavy training over and over again. Let's not forget his opponent is subject to the same test.

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